thanKful GOD gi.Ves peAc.e

Okay, here’s the scoop on the past few days… my MIL’s sister, Ellen, who is mentally handicapped but was living alone, went in for gall bladder surgery a couple weeks ago.  She seemed to do fine with it, but a few days later was back at the hospital with severe abdominal pain.

Not getting my info straight from the docs, I’m not sure exactly what all happened or in what order because my in-laws are not always big on details (& it was so hectic!) but they did 5 surgeries/procedures on Ellen in 10 days… including removal of a stone blocking her bile duct, several removals of fluid from around liver & lungs, and putting in some sort of “long term” port to administer her IV meds… dunno what it’s called.  She’s smoked like a freight train for years, but recently quit with the encouragement of her boyfriend… yeah, they’re cute together.  But because of all the damage, she is just unable to overcome this infection.

However, she has quickly declined to the point that removing the fluid on her lungs is a constant need, there’s so much infection around her liver, it won’t drain, and she’s lost all bladder control.  They were able to get her into a nursing home Monday and are now dealing with trying to get all her things out of her apartment before next month’s rent comes due on the first.  *sigh*

My father-in-law’s sister, Nancy, comes down every year for a couple weeks just before Thanksgiving from Indiana on the bus, then the in-laws take her home & have Thanksgiving up there.  But with Ellen SO sick, it was going to be impossible for them to take her up there without a lot of stress, etc.   So.. Tommy and I drove Nancy home on Monday, an 8-hour round trip.

We didn’t get to stay long, but did get to visit a bit with two of Nancy’s kids, Tommy’s cousins who we hadn’t seen in many years.

The house is still in disarray, but I DO keep making small, teeny dents in it.  But that’s not gonna cut it.  Today, I plan to knock out the kitchen and living room chores so I can maybe, MAYBE, get up everything but the tree before we leave for our vacation in a couple weeks.

Then there’s all the decorating we, Melissa and I, have to get done at church, also before we leave on vacation.  *sigh*  Makes me tired thinking about it.

There’s also a bunch of crap going on at Tommy’s work.  I can’t talk about it because it’s all so political it makes me sick.  I hate rumor and innuendo and Tommy is TOTALLY  not used to dealing with that kinda thing and he’s so stressed.  He’s having to walk on eggshells, not knowing if someone is “out to get” him, literally, or who it is spreading lies about him that may threaten his job.

How DO you defend yourself against accusations of things you absolutely did not do, but then because at the time, since it wasn’t important to you to address the lie, it now looks like you DID do something?  Just because you didn’t freak out about a lie that you felt didn’t deserve a response?!!

That kind of stuff just makes me want to puke and I’m very angry that people have nothing better to do than concoct incredulous stories about my husband.  Lies that are purely to damage his character and reputation.  Very, VERY angry.

I’m requesting prayer that he will be blanketed in that peace that passes all understanding and that the truth will win out.

SooOOOooooo… that’s what’s going on with us.  I thank you in advance for praying.



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