being single isn’t for me

For those who don’t know, I’m married.  Not separated, not divorced.. just minus my man for a longer amount of time than I am used to the past couple weeks!  Normally, he doesn’t travel much at all for his work.  Maybe a couple days once or twice a year.

However, he’s been gone almost 2 weeks this time!!  It happened that two different conferences/seminars were happening back-to-back & they wanted him to attend both.

Egads, but it’s been cah-ray-zee around here!!  He left the day after I got back from serving 3 days with Emmaus, so there was that.  Then he left that Tuesday for Alabama. (I’d just gotten back Monday night) He got back from there late Saturday night.  We dumped his clothes into the washer and then hit the hay.  We rushed to get to church the next morning, then ran home, finished his clothes, repacked them, adding some winter clothes since this time he was going north to Indianapolis and off he went at 1pm Sunday afternoon.  This is Thursday afternoon and he’s just now heading back home.

Thank God!!

I woke up kinda sick Monday morning & not wanting it to progress, I decided to go on to the doctor, which meant sitting there pretty much all day.  Turns out I had yet aNOTHER double ear infection and the beginnings of bronchitis.  AGAIN.  Ugh!  So they did the usual, two shots & a round of Omnicef.  I thought, great, I will beat this out before it gets any worse.


Woke up yesterday (Wed) morning feeling worse.  But I had an MK training that I really needed to go to, so I went.  I wasn’t out in the cold that much, just between the truck & my house, then to her house & back home again.  I went straight to bed soon as I got home,  hoping some sleep would somehow improve the condition.

I got home about 3:30 pm yesterday, so when the hubby called around 7 pm & woke me up, I quickly realized I was NOT better.  I was worse, if anything.  Very tight chest with barking cough & lots of congestion in my head.  Ugh!

So I finally went back to bed around 11 pm, exhausted so I fell back to sleep pretty quick.  Around 3 am I groggily woke up wondering if I had left my little poodle outside because I could hear distant barking.  But it was Samson, our chocolate lab, going crazy in his pen outside.

He never makes a fuss, so I was concerned, but didn’t have a clue what I should do.  I was now dealing with Tucker, the poodle who was doing his own loud barking now.  I texted Tommy because frankly, I just didn’t know what to do.

I looked out at the pen which is in a bit of light from the night-light across the street.  I could see him walking round & round his house, looking away from our house & just barking.  I couldn’t see anything or figure out any direction he was focusing on.  I thought maybe it was a skunk or a stray dog, but didn’t see a dog & didn’t smell a skunk.

I didn’t get a response from Tommy so I called him.  No answer.  I was desperate now to get Tucker to shut up (he doesn’t have an inside voice) so I turned on Pandora & laid back down with my bedside lamp on.  Tommy called me in a few minutes & I told him what was going on.  My head was SO full of gunk & I was trying to blow as much out as I could.. I felt purely miserable!

Then he tells me I need to take the shotgun & go let Samson out of his pen.

*SIIIIGH*   Really?


Did I mention I have this double-ear infection & bronchials from Hades right now?

So I muster up my courage, remind myself that God is always with me (seriously!), that fear is the enemy’s tool to make us lose focus of what God wants for us AND that I was really really tired & wouldn’t be getting any sleep til Samson shut up… and I stepped out into the dark.

Of course, everything was fine as best I could tell.  Sometimes we have coyotes around here, but I hadn’t heard any & it was kinda cold for them to just be roaming around.  I didn’t smell the first hint of a skunk & you KNOW when those suckers are causing trouble even if you never see them.  So I don’t know what Sam was so upset about.

I do know that when I came back in the house, I called Hubby back, as was the plan, *(to tell him I was still alive, I guess.  Haha!) that sleep did NOT just pounce on me like I’d hoped.  ImageAs sleepy & sick as I was, there was no sleep for me.  I propped my trusty .410 within quick reach right at the bedroom door & just stared at it while I waited for sleep to come.

I think it finally showed up about 5 that morning.  “You took your sweet time!”, I thought to myself.

Ahhh, so now my husband is home at last.  I am just not good alone.  Just NO GOOD at single.  And I guess, after almost 30 years of marriage, that’s probably a good thing!


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