oUt wi.Th thE o.ld

So, seeing as how this is THE LAST DAY OF THE YEAR 2014, I am hoping this is a new trend for 2015 and not just my desperate “hoorah” as 2014 winds down.

I feel so overwhelmed with thoughts about the year being over, about the fact that this is even the year two thousand fourteen!!  How in the world did it get to be TWO THOUSAND FOURTEEN?  Wow.  My mind is still back in the 80’s and 90’s, when I was just getting married & having babies…

“They” are so right.  Time surely does fly and the longer it stands, the faster it goes.

How odd.  And won’t it be grand once we get to Heaven and can see time the way God does?  I imagine a giant, cataclysmic  “CLICK” when everything we’ve always wondered about will suddenly make sense.

Haha.  Am I the only one who thinks about things like that?


Happy New Year and may two thousand fifteen be a year of “better” for us all.


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