in keeping with yesterday’s title.  Haha.  I awoke last night, or rather this morning, around 2am with a slightly tight feeling in my chest and a nagging, dry cough.

When I got up today, it’s still with me and I dare not treat with any oils.  So I have rubbed some Vick’s salve on my chest (did that at 2 this morning in the dead of the night) and dug out my nebulizer and albuterol today.  Thankfully, that has helped some.  I don’t have a sore throat, thank God, but my head is really hurting.

I really hope I can whip this out on my own.  I really don’t want to go back to my regular doctor.  Like, ever!  and I don’t want to go searching for a new doc while I’m sick like this.  After my doctor telling me if I’d just keep my sugars in control, I wouldn’t have this months-long rash in my arm pits?  I am done with his idiotic ideas and blaming my diabetes, or rather the way I control (or don’t!) it, for everything that’s wrong with me.

He acts like his infrequent blood glucose tests are the full and final indicator of where my sugars stay all the time.  That is the most moronic thing I have ever heard!  And I once considered this man to be fairly intelligent.  I appreciated that he was not a “symptom treater” who would just prescribe something for all the symptoms I had but instead he’d look for the cause.  I guess that got to be too much trouble for him or something??  I don’t know, but it really upsets me to run into so-called medical professionals that don’t know (or don’t act like it) any better than that.

Just because my sugar was above 200 that split second in your office last week, don’t have your nurse call and tell me my sugar is “high” and I need to come back tomorrow as if you are going to fix it somehow.  When I get there “tomorrow”, my sugar will not be that number anymore.  It might be a lot lower, but frankly, as long as I have to wait, sometimes while I’m in pain, for you to show up for the appointment I had a couple hours ago, there’s no wonder my sugar is high!!  In case you haven’t heard, stress does weird things to a type 1 diabetic’s sugar levels.

Hmph.  This post is becoming more about my utter disdain for this doctor instead of this bronchial thing I currently have.

I’m worried about it, frankly.  I had been going here and yon to try and find a cure for this awful rash under my arms and had stopped going to my regular doctor every 3 months after he blew me off about it, so I didn’t get my flu shot like I usually do in early fall.  I didn’t remember that I forgot to get my shot, though and when my endo asked about it, I told him I’d got it at the other guy’s office.

Sheesh!  Then, when planning a get together with some friends and we had to cancel when the hostess’s husband came down with the flu, it suddenly dawned on me that there was no way I could have gotten my flu shot because I had not been to my gp’s office in half a year!

So… I have been being super careful about keeping the germies at bay.  And that shouldn’t be a big problem since I’m pretty much always at home.  We are so close to broke, I don’t go out except the occasional pharmacy or grocery run and church.  And now, I’m so afraid to use anything on my skin, I don’t quite know what to do for this cough.

The Vick’s didn’t seem to bother me, but I didn’t use much.  Not nearly as much as usual, so after the small amount of oils in my bath scalding me the other day, I’m just really scared of that happening again.


Oh well.  Sorry for such a boring post.  Such is my life today!


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