good news!

Praise God! I went on the 30th to have the mammogram done to check the lump in my left breast. The one my GP didn’t even check but instead just said, “Go get a mammogram.” and ordered a regular scan.

I did that (regular yearly mammogram) December 30 of last year. It showed nothing, but when I was there and told the technician about the accident when I rammed the handlebars of my bike into my breast and it left a horrific bruise, then the lump showed up… she asked me what the doctor had said about it.

I told her he didn’t even check it. She said, “Well, he’s only got a scan ordered.” so anyhow, that’s why I got worried. I thought if there was some other way they checked you when you had a lump, then I needed to see someone who would give a flip about it. I mean, a doctor who would at least check the thing to see if it warranted further investigation.

And yes, this is the same guy who told me that if I’d only keep my sugars under control, I wouldn’t have had this undiagnosed, by him or 4 other doctors at that time, rash that I’d had for over 8 months, even though during that time, my A1c had gone DOWN (meaning my blood sugars were doing better and at 7.1, were not at ALL the cause of the rash as he wanted me to believe)

I’m telling you, I’m so mad at this arrogant jerk-of-a-doctor, I could just spit. That kind of thing infuriates me to no end!!

Anyhow, so we went to Lexington with my films from the December screening in our town. I really liked this place but man, was it busy! They did the scan then sent me back into this waiting area where all us women sat in short little pink robe dealies. I was doing okay except I’d started coughing again.

I’m sick to death of this lingering cough and I know all those women were thinking, What is UP with that woman who keeps hacking!?! but I just couldn’t make it stop. I finally ate a couple Lifesavers and that helped, but then, some woman walks by my chair and into the changing room right behind me. The doorway to this room was right beside my left arm. I thought I was going to choke to death right then and there. A technician followed her into the room to discuss her scan and I thought we would have to call for someone to resuscitate her. That woman had on enough perfume for a whole nursing home. I mean, it was BAD! It was like a thick, stinky fog descended on the whole area!!!

I gasp for air a couple times, then I got up because the two ladies next to me seemed to think I was a loon already. I stepped over past them toward the door they had brought everyone in from the main waiting room…then finally I opened the door and stepped out in the hallway.

Ah! Thank God, fresh, unpolluted air!!! I stood out there for about 3-4 minutes but since it was full of doors for the offices and a couple check out windows, it wasn’t really a good place, so I went back into the waiting area only to be choked again.

I dunno what kind of perfume that chick was wearing, but it REEKED! It wouldn’t have been so God-awful smelly if it didn’t smell like she’d bathed in it!! And you know how they do when they give you instructions… use the wipes to take off any deodorant, lotions or PERFUMES. I’m not sure, maybe that brought her back out there to make her do it again??!!!

I have been accosted by overly-perfumed or -cologned people before, but this was horrific! I don’t know if it’s because I have become more sensitive to things in general or what, but I thought I would die before that stench got diffused.

I used to think people who made a big deal about not being around strong scents were nuts and rude (and honestly, some of them just ARE!) but when those things do this to your physical well-being?? I have a different view of it now. The same way that to me it seems rude for someone to come walking into a place having just tossed their cigarette, drafting a plume of smoke in with them then plopping down right beside me, it’s just as rude to assault people with your chemical-laden scent of choice.

Think “hint of” when applying your fragrance, not “whop you upside the head”, please?

*long sigh* Um, I digress…

So anyway, after my scan and perfume assault, they called me back into one of the changing rooms to go over the results. YES!! Right then and there! It turns out there IS something there, obviously since I could feel it. The doctor called it an “oil cyst” and said it was a natural response to a bruise like the one I’d had. She said it sort of encapsulates the bruise, or collected blood and it should eventually dissipate over time. She said it was normal to be tender and not to worry unless I noticed any changes.

They will call me a couple months prior to schedule my yearly mammogram for next year.

I am SO impressed! And that’s not all…

That morning, I decided not to wait any longer to see about getting treatment for the yeast infection I had going on. I’ve been on that erythromycin for almost 2 weeks now, so I knew it was coming. I called the place in Lexington, where I’ve only been the one time, and contacted the prescriptions line, gave my name and other information and let them know that I needed some Diflucan for the yeast since OTC products just don’t work for me anymore.

I received a call back in LESS THAN AN HOUR to confirm what I needed and to let me know they’d be calling it in.

I haven’t been this impressed in a LONG time, let me tell you! I usually have to beg and do contortions and end up having to be seen to get a simple Diflucan from The Arrogant GP. This was just SO nice!!

And they didn’t wait til the end of the day to call it in either. We picked it up from my pharmacy in another maybe 45 minutes. I got the med into my system ASAP! AND they gave me two doses instead of the normal one. So perhaps I won’t be bothered with this yeast again before I’m done with this antibiotic.


If it wasn’t for the 80 mile drive, I’d look for a GP in Lexington. It seems that we’ve become accustomed to mediocre medical treatment in this town and the doctors, at least many of them, are more than happy to dispense it when they feel like it.


Okay, so back to being thankful that there’s nothing to worry about with my breast. Thanking God for getting one more thing off my Worry List! Yes!!

Jeremiah 33:6 — “Behold, I will bring to it health and healing, and I will heal them and reveal to them abundance of prosperity and security.”


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