more later…

I have appointments today with the PA to talk about getting on some meds and then with my therapist again. The roads are mainly clear, but I’ll be driving our “good” truck…the one withOUT four-wheel drive (which wouldn’t matter with ice!), the one that needs new tires, the one we haven’t had out in the snow at all… That makes me nervous, but it probably shouldn’t.

And I’m going by myself. I haven’t really heard from my friend who went with me last time. Just a few short responses to various Facebook posts or online videos, etc… and I asked how she was and wasn’t satisfied with the response I got, and I told her that. I was NOT convinced that she was doing “fine”. I never got a response.

We are also having a gathering with our Emmaus reunion group. This one is going to be open to any lady in Emmaus, so we’re expecting about 30 women, I think. I have to fix food for this, so I have some Dill Pickle Soup already started. Gonna fix some Oreo Fluff when I get back home.

Need to run by the pet store while I’m in Richmond to pick up food for Max and something for the kids. We tried to do that last night, but the pet store was already closed. We went up there to the Japanese place for DIL’s birthday with our other kids and some friends of DIL’s.

Hubby’s having some intestinal issues that I’m afraid might be from a hernia. I told him to call his doctor today.

I had planned to order my Thrive today too, but I can’t. I am so sick of being unable to get the stuff we need. The stuff *I* need to feel better. SO so sick of it.

Oh, and with the rains, our house is stinking again. (something to do with drain pipes crossing septic lines? it’s horrific and disgusting and a nice addition to all the crap I feel right now)

On that note, I guess I’ll head out of here. More on how things go later!!


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