medical updates…

I went Tuesday (2/24) to this new GP that I went to a couple weeks ago for this cough.  She put me on acid reducer and I thought she was crazy for asking me four different times if I had heartburn.  (the answer was no)  One time she briefly mentioned “silent heartburn”, so I looked that up once I got home, because frankly, I had decided she was a loon!!  I’ve had what I call ‘heartburn’ maybe 5 times in my life.  The burning, belching ick.  That’s what I refer to as ‘heartburn’.  But when I read the symptoms of silent heartburn (llaryngopharyngeal) or silent reflux, I was stunned.  I had all except one of them.   And it turns out that this is very well part of what was causing my cough AND a lot of my sinus problems!  Who knew?!?!?  Not me, that’s for sure.  So I began taking the acid reducer and, here’s the confusing part, at that same time, I ran out of my blood pressure medicine.  Now, I take the bp meds not because my bp is high, but as a protective measure for my kidneys (diabetics tend to get kidney damage).  At that same time was when we unexpectedly got to go out of town for that short vacation, then once we got home, the snowstorm hit, so I was without those bp meds for almost a week.  The cough improved dramatically during that time.  Then I went back on the bp meds and after about 4 days, the cough was back with a vengeance.  So when I went back to the doctor, we talked about the fact that we’d probably found a couple of problems.  I am staying on the acid reducer for now and after talking with my endocrinologist about the bp meds, I’m going off those entirely.  It seems that the meds that offer kidney protection are only the very ones that cause the cough.  So since my bp stays around 120/70 anyway, we’re just going to monitor from home and consult him back if it gets near 140/90.  I’m relieved to be rid of one medicine and not worried about the blood pressure getting to a bad point right now.  My blood pressure has never given me problems.  Lord wiling, it won’t start any time soon either!

I also saw my endo yesterday.  Yes, this week has been jam-packed with appointments!  He adjusted my basal rate a bit from 3 am to 6 am to try and get my morning sugars down.  I’m THRILLED to report that it already seems to be working.  I was 126 when I got up this morning instead of over 200 like usual.  YAY!!

Sorry to mix up these two visits so much, but also when I was at the appointment Tuesday, she asked me what else was going on, what else was bothering me, so I told her my shoulders were acting up and that my neck stays so stiff and causes headaches.

She did a pretty thorough exam of my shoulders and arms and says she thinks it’s probably bursitis and wants me to go to physical therapy for that and also for my neck.  She said the spasms in my neck are pretty severe.  She also ordered x-rays of my shoulders just to make sure there wasn’t something else going on in there.

I have yet to get that done, but I need to soon.  My neck is what bothers me most.  The shoulders hurt mostly when I move, but my neck hurts all the time and I can’t find a position that makes it feel any better.

Hopefully soon I will start to feel better!

Isaiah 58:8 — “Then shall your light break forth like the dawn, and your healing shall spring up speedily; your righteousness shall go before you; the glory of the Lord shall be your rear guard.”

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