So, with my poor hubby’s stomach being all torn up from years of taking prescription and OTC NSAIDs… we are looking for ways to help with his inflammatory pains that seem to ravage his whole body.

Right now, his stomach is horribly inflamed, so we are working on modifying his diet to help his gut feel better.  I have been perusing the internet lately trying to figure out which foods help ease inflammation.  This site has been our go-to for the grocery list.  Tonight we headed to Kroger for our first tag-team attempt at eating better all the way around.   God knows that I could also use all the improvements to my diet, lessen inflammation too, and of course, most of the foods are really healthy anyway, so I am hopeful that both of us might get in better shape after all.

I would like to eventually get a decent bread machine so we can make our own truly whole grain breads.  I am currently trying to eat super low-carb in an effort to boost any weight loss, now that I’m feeling better and being more active… and taking my Thrive.


As I’ve said in previous posts, I can tell the Thrive helps with my own joint inflammation, so hopefully we can afford to purchase the men’s formula for him to try.  Anyway, so we’ve come home with a load of healthy-ish foods… asparagus, spinach, almonds, walnuts, Ezekiel bread, tart cherry juice, green tea, tuna and salmon.  It’s a little scary for this gal who tends to do great with healthy, good-for-me foods and then a monster craving for something sugary will hit me and just about drive me nuts!  So…we also bought some dark chocolate bars, which I do NOT care for so much, but I got the sea salt one for me, which is pretty tasty.  That could be because I really have been avoiding any and all carbs as much as I can.  I got Hubby the 90% cocoa bar, and WHOO! was it bitter!!  He was pretty disappointed, but love his heart, he said, “Well, we didn’t really get it for the taste, did we?”


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