that just happened–again

Yup.  Behold:


this is what happens when you don’t know how to use clip-ins… although I’m told it happens to the best of them #argh

So…went without my Hubby on a bike right with some people from the cycling club.  This was kinda big for me because I don’t normally go riding without Hubby or at least my son.  I dunno why except that’s just normally what we do… we go riding together.  Only he’s training to do this crazy century ride (that’s 100 miles… on a bicycle, folks!)  See?  Crazy!!  But he’s determined to do it and I admire his determination, but it makes it harder for us to ride together.  I mean, there ain’t no way this fat girl is gonna make it for the 50-70+ mile rides they are doing to train for this! I’m thankful he has a couple of good people to ride with…they are actually planning to do the actual ride together.  Both of the other people have done centuries before, and they are such great encouragement to him. But yeah, so I went after talking to another girl who hasn’t gotten to ride a ton this year like me and even though she’s probably a stronger rider, she seemed glad to hang back with me.  There was a fairly big group that showed up, including the couple that are most active with the club.  He is also a very strong rider and she is actually too, but she’s not nearly as competitive as her husband. The young girl who rode with me today was a great encouragement.  I just HATE feeling like I’m holding people up.  Ab-so-LUTEly hate it!  But they are always gracious and sweet.  Maybe one day I will be able to keep up.

Honestly I think part of my problem is my bike.  It’s not anything like what most of the other riders have.  It’s heavier and it’s not really designed for the type of rides we are doing.  Hubbs has modified it some to make it work better, but it’s just not designed for these kinda rides. We have looked at getting a different bike from the local bike shop.  When Hubby bought me this bike, it was the best fitting bike that wasn’t super-expensive but capable enough to just see if I would enjoy riding or not.

He’s found this place in Seattle that custom builds bikes.   Yes, Seattle, Washington.  He even called them and talked to an awesome, knowledgeable guy named Smiley who was super-helpful.  They can build the entire bike or just the frame although the cost difference makes more sense to just have them put the whole thing together.  They have some kind of computerized jig to fit your bike before they start the build.  Thus, even though you CAN do your own measurements and they’ll build you a bike, it’s better, obviously, to go and let them fit you on their jig-thingie.  *sigh*

I have no clue how we could ever afford the bike, which will cost at least 2k, let alone the trip out there.  A 40-hour drive!  But Hubby is determined that we are going to do this.  Once we determined that yeah, I do enjoy riding quite a bit and now realize that my bike is making that not as enjoyable as it could be, we have started trying to remedy that.  However, most companies just don’t really specialize in short-people bikes.  The brand we’ve been looking at in our local shop doesn’t even make one small enough for me, so we had been looking at one a full two centimeters too large.  Granted, that doesn’t sound like much, but you spend 20-some miles on a bike and you will know that it doesn’t fit you right.  You should have an inch of stand-over gap… distance between your crotch and the top bar but the smallest bike they can get from this company has me touching the bar, so yeah.. it’s just not the right size.

Could I ride the bike?  Yes.  Would it be the best option for me in the long run?  No, not really.  However, I am torn now realizing how much my current bike is limiting me… just the fact that its heavier, the components are not as quality thus they don’t work as well… I am left exerting a lot more effort to climb hills and things like that than I would be with a better bike.

Given that a Rodriguez bike would not be much more than we’d be giving for the bike that doesn’t really fit from our local shop, it’d be kind of crazy for us to settle… if you leave out the cost of actually going to Seattle, that is.

And so now I’m a little perturbed at the thought of having to “put up with” my current bike until we can/IF we can ever actually get a custom bike for me.  It makes it hard to want to ride, ya know?

I am TRYING not to be too excited about the possibility of getting a bike that would fit me because I just can’t see it happening or at least not for a very long time.  And I’m trying not to think of how much better I might ride if I had a better bike… ugh.  Hubby’s talking about selling our four-wheeler, which granted, we don’t use a whole lot, but it comes in handy when we need it.  I’m torn about selling it, but really, it’s all we have that’s worth much at all and if we got what it’s worth, it would almost pay for the bike.  *sigh*

I gotta stop thinking about this.  It’s driving me crazy.  We are supposed to go riding, a much shorter, easier ride with the group Monday evening.  I am dreading the thoughts of dealing with those clips again.  They have created such a nasty mind-game with me… and I’m not good with those.  I just can’t quite make myself try them again. … and I’m almost certain I won’t attempt to do the Redbud Ride with them since I won’t have Hubby with me.  My son is talking about doing the ride and I MIGHT consider it if he goes, but otherwise, I just do NOT want to have to deal with those things.  They keep me so distracted worrying that I’m going to fall and not be able to unclip that I can’t half-way enjoy the ride.  GAH!!

Okay, shutting up now.  I hope one of these days this kind of crap won’t even occur to me.  That I can just think, “Yay!  I’m gonna go riding today” and just enjoy the heck out of it, ya know?

Philippians 4:11Not that I am speaking of being in need, for I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content.”

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