medical up-dee-doos…

That’s my you-can’t-understand-me word for “updates”, y’all.

Just wanted to document that I have started taking the higher dose of Wellburtin XL on my own.  It’s another couple weeks before I go back to see the PA, but I wanted to see if the higher dose would be any more effective.

So far, I can’t really tell as it’s almost time for “the monthly” and I have felt a tad irritable.  I certainly don’t feel any worse, but no more noticeable energy or anything like that.

I really REALLY want to get my stinkin’ glasses soon. My vision is sometimes pretty pathetic.  Just blurry and halo-y which makes reading nigh to impossible sometimes.  I have an appointment with our CPA tomorrow, so hopefully we will get a decent refund and be able to have it in the bank soon.

My weight is doing its usual thing of up-and-down… I’m down almost another two pounds, but that doesn’t really count since I was up almost two a few days ago.  GAH!

I ordered some of that Garcina stuff that’s supposed to help with weight loss.  Kinda feeling like an idiot for doing that because none of the fad stuff usually works for me.  I just don’t feel that the Thrive is going to really help me with weight loss.  For energy and making my joints feel better?  Yes, it’s great and I’ll keep taking it, but I need to lose some weight too!!

We’ll see what happens I guess.

Philippians 3:14I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.”


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