memories & the keeping thereof…

So I’ve been thinking since I retold the stinky little story… I enjoy telling funny stories like that and since most of the ones I tell are true, I might oughta try to “keep” them somewhere.  Y’know, for posterity in case I ever have some grandkids and they ever wanna know what kinda crazy stuff happened to their gramma.

*shrugs*   I dunno, but I’m gonna try to do that occasionally.  I used to have tons of those stories on my blog back when I had my own domain name, and for some reason unbeknownst to me, I never even thought to save a single one of them!


Anyhow, I am creating a new category just for these tales.  Give me time to sort them out in my head and put them together cohesively enough to put up here… that’s the plan, Stan.

Peace out.


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