So Hubby took a bike ride this (Sunday) afternoon.  He went with his troupe of 100-Milers….

…and hit a dog….

….and crashed.


He, as he puts it, “t-boned an Australian shepherd” and went flipping over the handlebars.
 He had taken off ahead of the other three just to help avoid a cramp he felt coming on, so he was in front of them all when it happened.  The only person to see the melee was a driver who was coming toward Hubbs when it happened.  It must have looked so awful, the guy stopped to check and see if Hubby was okay.

He ended up riding another 4 or so miles back to the truck, even though his friends offered to go get the truck for him.  He thinks he was probably slightly in shock, which is most likely, and his theory was that if he could ride back, it would keep him from getting so sore and stiff.  *rolling my eyes*

He drove himself home and hobbled into the house…he hadn’t called to let me in on it and so I was clueless.  We had arrived home from church to find a strange car in our driveway.  Turned out it was one of the boys we sort of “adopted” from our former church…he is newly married to a sweet little girl who is expecting their baby now.  (yes, the baby was on the way at the wedding, which my eldest son performed on Son’s front porch swing… that sounds like a whole ‘nother post, doesn’t it?)  Anyhow, these kids, apparently they had called Son2 wanting to get together with them, but they weren’t home, so they came to our house.

*shrugs*  I dunno why exactly.  LOL… the kids like us, I guess.  Or at least settle for us when our boys aren’t available?  Anyhow, they had stayed at the house the entire time Tommy was gone riding.  Son & DIL 2 had finally come home and just came to our house too, so we all sat around in my messy kitchen talking and hanging out.  I was so tired AND I had been planning to ride on the trainer, but that didn’t happen.  And that’s okay, it was just one of those afternoons when nothing goes as planned.

Even more so for Hubby, obviously!  The kids had all gone for ice cream, inviting me, but I had decided (since I can’t eat any dairy these days) to stay home so I’d be there when Hubby got back.

It’s a good thing!!  He wanted to immediately get in a hot bath, so I fixed that up for him.  He had some cuts/gouges on his fingers, his right elbow was scuffed up and his right hip looked really nasty with a big area of road rash and what appeared to be some bruising already darkening.

He sat in the bath for a good long time.  I texted my younger kids to tell them what had happened.  Son2 called to see if his dad wanted something from Dairy Queen and soon they were back at the house, with the younger couple in tow.  So once again, we were all in the kitchen discussing the wreck.

Son2 was a little surprised to see his dad wincing and limping.  He didn’t think he’d been hurt that bad, I guess and knew that if he was letting it show that much, it must be pretty bad.

So after the kids all left, Hubby hobbled into the living room and I got him settled in the recliner for about another hour.  When he tried to move to get up and go to the bathroom, he became worried that we might ought to go to the hospital and see exactly what damage had been done.

He was having really sharp pains deep in his groin, not so much on his hip where most of the trauma appeared to have happened.

We barely got him into the truck.  We being he and myself!  But I got him to the ER and a guy came out and helped me load him into a wheelchair.  After an x-ray and a CT scan, (in the period of about 4 hours) we were assured that there weren’t any breaks or fractures (that was the first suspicion of the doctor) but there was some deep muscle bruising and bleeding, which is why he was hurting so bad.

They gave him a bit of morphine to help with pain, since they were moving him so much to do the scans.  He wasn’t in a huge amount of pain until he moved.

So we finally got home after 2 am with instructions to not put any weight on that leg until the pain diminished, so that means crutches and the estimation is that he’ll need to be on them for about four weeks.

He has a prescription for some pain meds and took one from the hospital for the night.

Hopefully we can get some rest and tomorrow won’t be a lot more painful for him.

Ezekiel 27:34 – “Now you are wrecked by the seas, in the depths of the waters; your merchandise and all your crew in your midst have sunk with you.”

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