Okay, it’s official. I have moved up (in my own mind, that is) into true “the BIG TIME”. Maybe that’s not official big time, but I don’t know what else to call THIS old gal doing a bike ride of FORTY-ONE-A/N/D-A-HALF MILES!!! (you’re darn tootin’ that half mile counts! LOL!)
NOTE: I am REALLY not happy that for whatever reason I can’t link my ride map here. ARGH! The sight of that map makes me feel all-kinda-jazzed! 🙂

Seriously, I would have never, EVER believed I could do this if you’d said beforehand we were going to ride this far. The plan was to ride to the next county, stop at a little restaurant there for lunch and ride back, which would have been about 19 miles. A decent ride for me, actually. I have done a few 26 mile rides and can handle that distance fairly well.

Well, we decided to take a different route home, so that added quite a few miles AND hills/elevation to the thing. I was SO amazed that I actually did it! I guess I was a little too tired to get TOO celebratory about it at the time, but MAN, was I proud of myself!!

And so, you know I’m riding this month to help raise money to fight kids’ cancer in The Great Cycle Challenge (click the link to donate!) so my goal is to ride at least 200 miles this month.
The Great Cycle Challenge to end Childhood Cancer!
I already have 79 in for last week. I decided I’d plan to ride at least 50 miles per week. It’s a good thing I got the extra in since it’s pouring the rain today. *sigh*

I really wasn’t planning on doing that many, but on Saturday, our eldest son decided he wanted to ride over to where he’s youth pastor (they were doing a blood drive that day and he was going to donate and check on some things at the church). That’s about an 18 mile trip one way and so we had DIL#1 drive our truck over so we could haul the bikes back. We all had a graduation party to go to later as well so we didn’t have the time to do a round trip. Plus, Son#1 was planning to donate blood so we knew at least he would not be able to ride back.

Turned out he couldn’t donate because his pulse was too high. Hubby was going to donate but hadn’t brought any i.d. with him. So it turned out to just be a nice opportunity to get a ride in with Son#1, which I’d been wanting to do since he hadn’t ridden with us since I got my new bike.

It was a good trip & we made good time too. I think Son#1 was a little impressed with how much I had improved. Hubby and I marvel at how he can go months without riding (he seldom has the free time for it) and then go out and do some fairly long rides. Hubby says it’s because he’s young.

I guess, but I don’t think I could have done it at his age. Haha!

So yeah, I rode 79 miles last week for the challenge, but if you include the ride linked above, from May 30 to June 6, I rode a little over 120 miles!!

I’m sorry and if there happens to be some rouge cycling beast reading here, just let me have my moment… but I am daggone proud of myself!

Ha. I know part of the reason I can do more is because this bike is so much better than my old one, but it fits/shifts/rides so much better, I just WANT to ride more now!

I still can’t see myself ever getting to the point that I could do a century like Hubby and the rest, but I would like to attempt a half-century, just me and him one Saturday. It’s amazing how empowering it is to realize you can do something so crazy and so hard!

I have to admit, I’ve been fighting low blood sugars randomly since last Saturday, but they are not super-severe and not very frequent, so I think I’m doing well.

I DID have that crazy low the other day when I had ridden hard & fast for probably 6 miles, then for some reason, insisted we stop to check my sugar and it was 52. ACK! Yeah, and I didn’t even feel it. I had just come down a hill doing almost 35mph. I was pretty shaken to realize that I couldn’t even feel that I was going low. I treated the low, suspended my pump (so it wouldn’t deliver any insulin), checked a second time (it was up to 87) and we set off again. I stopped again to check a couple miles later and it was hovering just over 100.

All those readings I was very proud of, but I can’t help getting angry and frustrated about the fact that I have a CGM-capable pump, but my insurance will not cover the sensors (which need to be changed every week and are approximately $100 each, so at least $400/month). I mean, if I had sensors, the CGM (which I purchased) would alert me when my sugar dropped too fast, got under 60 and if it happened to reach 60, it would suspend my pump for me. That’s a great feature for lows that happen in your sleep (which I’ve had two of since riding so much more) and you don’t wake up. For two hours, you stop getting insulin so you don’t die in your sleep.

As it is, I have to stop, pull out the small glucose monitor, the bottle of strips and my lancet device. Then I have to have Hubby hold it or lay my bike down so I can balance everything or put part of it on the ground too. Poke for the blood, wait for the result and the put everything back up.

That’s NOT a big deal normally, but when you are on the road? It’s a major pain to deal with. We usually ride on rural backroads, so we don’t have to worry too much about a lot of traffic. Most times, on an 18-mile round trip, we may see as few as 2 vehicles or as many as 12. Most often, it’s no more than 4 though, but if we had to also contend with traffic while trying to test? UGH!

I can’t understand how insurance can deny coverage of those sensors if an endocrinologist recommends them. I think it sucks big time. And I hope and pray that Hubby’s company will change to a new insurance provider SOON because Humana has been a real disappointment to deal with. I KNOW there are companies who are covering sensors. I sure wish it was mandatory across the board.

Ah well… no use complaining, but I wanted you to know what I have to do to control/monitor my sugars while I’m riding versus what COULD be a much simpler, easier and safer solution if we could afford sensors one way or another.

Habakkuk 3:19 – “God, the LORD, is my strength;…”


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