it’s official: I have amazed myself!

So a few weeks ago, I wrote this in a post:

“I still can’t see myself ever getting to the point that I could do a century like Hubby and the rest, but I would like to attempt a half-century, just me and him one Saturday.”

My hubby pulled the above post up and showed it to me a couple nights ago. He said, “Do you remember writing this?”

The reason? I had actually accomplished that half-century ride this past Saturday, June 13! Yep. I actually did it.

I wasn’t so sure I was going to make it back, but amid random bouts of tears, I made it. The ride was actually 54 miles, so once I hit 50 on my computer, it was all I could do to make myself keep pedaling! We even had some impromptu SAG support following us. But I thought, I can’t be the ONLY one who gets driven back to the trailhead!
Me & Hubby
We went with a large group that ended up breaking off into about 3 different groups. We rode from Livingston to McKee and back. It was just as beautiful and nice a trail as I had been told. It was a hot day, but we had shade almost the whole time and hardly any traffic at all.

I’d been told we would eat lunch at a pizza place in McKee, but when we (the slower group) got to town, the group was all at a Walgreens eating packaged food and fueling up outside the store. The other two ladies I was with and Hubby and I decided we’d go on to the pizza place, though, so we rode a quarter-mile on into town.

Boy, you sure forget that not everywhere is like home. We walked into that place, that looked extremely run down, and it smelled like an ashtray. I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to stand it in there the way my lungs react to cigarette smoke. I hacked and coughed most of the time, but Hubby and I ordered an 8″ pizza and it was really yummy.

I was able to eat and not choke to death and then we iced up our bottles, hit the restrooms and headed back for the return.

The time spent in that resturant was enough to get my lungs all messed up and I hacked and coughed and wheezed for about 10 miles. We stopped a few times to let me get a couple more hits off my inhaler or gag and spit, and finally, thank God, the coughing stopped. You can’t imagine how much harder it is to ride a bike while you are struggling to breathe!!

My sugars did pretty good and my pump was suspended (turned off) most of the time. I guess I did at least 10 tests while we were riding!

When the big group first started, Hubby rode on ahead with them. Once me and the group I was with go to about the 15-18 mile mark, Hubby came riding back and rode the rest of the way with me. I’m not sure if he had gotten worried about me or just wanted to ride with me or both, but I was immensely glad he was there for those last few miles. I think I’d have stopped if he hadn’t been.

My wrists were hurting, my saddle was killing me, my toes were going numb and my neck and shoulders were aching. I was downright miserable!

When I rolled into the parking lot where we’d left from, the other two ladies who had riden with me all day were already there, cheering. I got to the back of our pickup, unclipped and leaned over on it and just bawled for a second. Next thing I knew, Hubbs was right beside me, bawling too, hugging me and telling me he loved me.
My first half-century!
I was a mess, lemme tell ya! I have NO CLUE how these people can ride TWICE that far and still talk, let alone walk or eat or breathe!!

I would NOT have made it to the finish without this man right here, cheering me on, believing in me and convincing me to believe in myself.
I have been greatly blessed!!


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