that was close…

A couple days ago, in the evening, I recall my right eye feeling like there was something in it. I lightly rubbed it and the irritation stopped. It wasn’t anything alarming or horribly painful. I didn’t think anything more of it.

The next morning, I woke up and it was still feeling irritated only now it was slightly sore too. It felt very similar to when I had dealt with when I’d had recurrent corneal erosion syndrome a couple different times almost 20 years ago. That thought troubled me!

But I had a meeting to go to at 10 that morning, then a hair appointment at 11, so I headed off to town.

The ceremony for our county seat to get the title of “TrailTown” was happening and since our friends are involved in that and the tourism board, we went to help out. More to just help there be a good crowd, since the governor’s wife was supposed to be there and it was a big ol’ deal.

My eye felt a little better after we left there. It crossed my mind to just deal with the eye, thinking it had to be a flare up of the Recurrent Corneal Erosion Syndrome. I had to leave early and get to my hair appointment and while on the way, my eye became very irritate again, and when I touched it, it felt bruised and swollen.

I immediately called my eye doctor and they were able to get me in that afternoon, a few hours after lunch.

I met Hubby and my eldest son in town for lunch and after that, the eye was hurting really bad, so I went home and got an ice pack on it and laid down for a while.

I took the pack with me to the appointment because it was just hurting SO bad and the cool helped, and it kept me from wanting to rub it so much.

I saw the other doctor in the practice who I’d never seen before. I like her. She started examining me, beginning with my left eye, all the while, I’m explaining about my history with RES and so she puts some numbing drops in almost immediately, realizing how bad it was hurting.

She looked at it again, then put some dye in while I told her about the Stevens-Johnson Syndrome that left scars inside my eyelids, which in turn, rub the fire outta any sort of irritant in my eye.

During all this, I can see she’s getting concerned. She asked what caused the SJS, making sure which antibiotics I was able to take now. Somewhere in that time, I said, “Oh, and in case you didn’t see in my records, I’m a Type 1 diabetic, too.” Her eyes got big as saucers. Poor lady. I tend to have that effect on doctors sometimes.

She looked in my eye again after the dye and informed me that I had an ulcer on it. What in the…? I asked what caused it and did they normally come up overnight like that?

She told me it was from a bacterial infection that was normally from being in a lake or pond. I told her that I’d been dumped out in a nearby river about a month ago, but she said, no, it’d have to have been in the past couple days.

I haven’t even been near a pond or lake or even a pool in that time. So we have no clue how I could have gotten this infection. But I have this “nick” in my iris, just to the outside of my pupil about the size of two or three pinheads. She said she was surprised to find it that big in such a short time after she asked again how long it had been bothering me. Apparently, that was huge for overnight.

Of course it was. That’s how I roll. *pththt*

So she sent me home with a script for some strong antibiotic drops to use every two hours, instructions to alternate ibuprofen and acetaminophen every three hours for pain. She said the ice pack was fine, but no pressure. She said the best things I could do was sleep or watch TV.

I about died laughing. The two things I am best at?!?! *laughing* Apparently, those are the two things that keep the eye most still. She said no reading or computer (oops…I am doing this in short spells just a few hours before I go back for a recheck)

It’s not nearly as irritated nor as sore, so I am hoping and confident that she’s going to tell me it’s very improved.

Exodus 15:26“…I am the Lord, your healer.”

UPDATE: ¬†Indeed, God is a mighty healer. ¬†The doctor was literally AMAZED at how well the eye was doing. ¬†She looked at it with that awful magnifier thing that shines a bright light in your eye, said it look awesome and then started talking about putting numbing drops in so “we can pop that thing outta there”… ¬†*blink, blink* ¬†“Pop what thing out?”, I asked. ¬†“The contact,” she said.

“Um…you didn’t put a contact in it,” I informed her.

Then she was REALLY amazed saying she just KNEW she’d forgotten that she hadn’t put one in because of how well it was doing. ¬†Couldn’t believe it had healed that much without one. ¬†The reason she’d decided to opt for no contact the day before was for fear of trapping any bacteria in there and making it worse. ¬†She just assumed, when she saw how much it had healed, that she must have put one in.

*shaking my head* ¬†That’s a little concerning, but understandable too. ¬†She said the top layer had already formed over the hole and was reattaching. ¬†She stained it again and said there was no loose edges at all. ¬†She told me the day before, the edges just “lit up” the were so loose. ¬†I told her that there had been a LOT of prayer over that thing and she said, “That’s the only explanation for it being this much better today.”

So today, a week later (it’s now Wednesday, July 15) it still occasionally feels as if there’s something in there, and I’m not sure if that’s something that should concern me or not. ¬†She told me I didn’t have to come back unless it got worse, and it hasn’t. ¬†The redness is completely gone and the bruised soreness is gone as well. ¬†I’m still using the drops 4x a day as she prescribed. ¬†But that occasional feeling of something in there concerns me.

Honestly, ¬†if it still feels this way tomorrow, I may make an appointment with my ophthalmologist who originally dealt with the erosion stuff all those years ago. ¬†The doc I saw for this stuff charged me $45 each for both visits, plus what I spent on the drops…that’s almost $150!! ¬†I have only ever paid $30 to visit the ophthalmologist and I’d feel better if someone checked it again. ¬†Hopefully, he’ll just be able to confirm that it’s healing well. ¬†Maybe the irritation I’m feeling is just part of the healing process??

I dunno, but I don’t think I’ll be able to feel okay about it without having it checked again. ¬†We shall see…

God’s GOOD!!! ¬†I give Him all the glory for how well this has turned out thus far! ¬†Woo!


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