there are no words…

None. To describe the state of our society today? Absolutely no words.

I am heartbroken.

First there’s this going on in my very own state… I cannot bear to even attempt to put how I feel about this into words, so I will link you to a man who has done an excellent job.

A sobering quote from his post: ” If we think we can restore peace and truth by “following the law,” I believe we are in for a rude awakening. The law is dead. We are left with two choices: follow truth, or obey the dictates of our culture and the godless tyrants who lead it. “ ~Matt Walsh

Then there is the horrible plight of the Syrian refugees, where the body of a poor child has been found on Turkish shores after his father put him and the child’s mother into a small boat in an attempt to flee starvation and all the horrors of their homeland. Now, the entire family have become casualties.

I can’t begin to imagine the desperation that would drive me, as a parent, to put my children into a tiny boat on the rough seas. What horrors must they have been trying to escape to feel that was a safer option?

My heart is broken. I have strong, deep and almost violent feelings about both these things. I think of poor Saeed Abedini and the torture he’s endured all these years he’s spent as an American citizen in an Iranian prison, jailed for his Christian faith. He’s been ignored and abandoned by his own government, separated from his wife and young children.

Oh Lord Jesus, what is to become of us? How can we, as Your people, Your children, see all that is going on around us and not become despondent? Hopeless? Depressed? Even faithless? I can’t see myself ever losing faith in You, but frozen with despair? I feel myself edging close to that.
Help me, Jesus, not to fall into that pit! Help me be the prayer warrior these people need! Heal our sick nation, our war-torn world! Help me as I am faced with challenges on social media, as I attempt to be a gentle dove, to be as wise as a serpent in my answers or, in some cases, in my silence!
Oh Lord Jesus, let it be so!


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