So this is gonna be a post about nail polish, uhkay?

Today’s Topic: NAIL POLISH!

If you don’t like nail polish or talk of “doing nails”, then you should probably just move along right now. *heh*

I stopped getting tips put on about eighteen months ago. I love them, but they were destroying my natural nails and that made it impossible to leave them off every other month or whatever so they could “rest”. There was nothing but mush left and it took about 8 months for them to get back to a normal texture/strength and to grow any bit of length.

I have short, fat, pudgy fingers (thanks, Dad) and scars all over the backs of my hands with bulgy, knotty knuckles… so I don’t normally attempt to showcase my hands, y’know?

A nice set of nails (or my own longish ones when I used to be able to grow them) helped them not look quite so troll-ish. I can grow probably a quarter to a third of an inch of length now, but I tend to tear them off pretty easily. Even with top coats, I am rough on them and they’re not nearly as strong as they were when I was in school.

But… I have tons of nail polish.

LOTS of polish
I don’t have QUITE this much, but y’know…

More like this:

my stash of polish

At one time, my DIL-1 and I would attempt to do our own tips so I have a big supply of them along with all the powders, solutions and gels to do that too. I love the colors available these days, so I try to keep my nails painted or at least my toe nails in summer time.

I often have trouble choosing just one color, so I will do dots. I normally do a base coat, then three other colors with a row of dots in each color. I get comments and compliments on them every time. People think I’ve had them done or that they are nail wraps.
nails-purple dots
It’s actually pretty simple and when you are completely done, any off-center dots or different sized ones are not even noticeable.

my dotting tools

I just break the point off a toothpick, dab out a drop of the “dot” color on a piece of shiny junk mail (lol–reuse/repurpose, right?) and use the toothpick to make a vertical row of dots on each nail. Then I do the same with the other two colors and end up with something like this. This is my very favorite way to do my nails when I have the time because there’s an endless possibility of color combinations and it’s fairly simple and casual and shoot, it’s just cute. Seriously, I’ve never done them like this that at least one person doesn’t make a point to comment on them.
nails-peachy dots
So a few weeks ago I bought some green, red and white polish in the hopes that I could do some sort of Christmas nails. I actually had in mind to do dots again but just with two colors and in a random pattern instead of rows.

My Christmas polishes
You can see, I’m not a brand snob when it comes to polish.

I hadn’t decided which would be my base color til I got started and decided to check and see how well the white polish was going to cover. I’d never used stark white polish before so I wanted to see how it was going to work. I was surprised to see how well it covered. In one coat, I was all but done. The second coat was mostly to go over a few thin spots. So white ended up being the base color. I figured the red and green would show up best on it.

Before I show you my finished product, let me give you an idea of what I would LIKE to be able to have or do on my nails.

nails-snowmen nails-snowflake nails-santa nails-reindeer nails-red & green swirls nails-Christmas misc nails-Christmas lights

See? THAT’S what I wish I could do. However, I am a realist, at least enough of one to know that I ain’t gonna be able to do those! So I was gonna do my little dots, mind my own business, y’know? But once I put a couple of red dots on, an idea struck me…

Don’t laugh, okay?



Okay, so my holly leaves aren’t whatcha would call fancy. But if you don’t look this close at them, they look fine enough.

I’m going to a Christmas dealie with my reunion group gals tomorrow, so I thought I’d do some festive nails. We’ll see how many of them laugh. πŸ™‚

I’m sure I’ll be trying some other ideas with my sweet Christmas colors, so I’ll post those when it happens!



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