soon and very soon…

I’ll be launching my new website!! Sorry if you thought I had busted out with a gospel hymn…

I’m just EXCITED!!


And scared!

As you might recall, I want to make this new place “work”, “earn its keep”… at least generate a little income.

It better because it’s gonna cost a bit to get this started right. 🙂

So what will the new place consist of? Pretty much the same thing it does now, only Lord willing, more cohesive and more of it!

I’ll be posting about my experiences in homeschooling,


my various and sundry medical issues (type 1 diabetes, thyroid disease, migraines, old age (LOL!))


I’ll also post about my faith


and I HOPE there will be lots of people who will come alongside and discuss things! I miss that the most, I think.


The blog I had years ago that was so active had several regular readers and they were not only readers, but COMMENTERS!! We had lots of great discussions about all kinds of topics, so that’s what I’m looking forward to most.

I hope that I might be able to do some reviews and possibly some freelance writing too. That pesky book I’ve been thinking about for years and finally sorta-kinda started…

writing the first chapter

….well, maybe I’ll be able to flesh it out to the end here, who knows?!

Anyhow… stay tuned and if you think of it, pray with me that this will be a success! THANKS!




going profesh…

Okay, folks. (haha… I should probably say “folk”?) I am considering doing the domain thing again but with the intent of doing this for mon-nay! (that’s money, for those who don’t get my slang and made-up words!)

I really don’t want to change the format/style of my content other than to be MUCH more regular with it. I want to share my life experiences, my thoughts, my health experiences and struggles with people in the hopes that it either encourages them or helps them or maybe just makes them think about something in a way they never had before.

So, is this feasible? I just don’t know, but I’m researching and praying about it.

After thinking for several months about taking courses to become a medical coder with the hope of working from home, but then I started having doubts. As I’ve been researching, praying and even making moves to enroll in our community college, I’ve begun feeling that this isn’t the path I’m meant to be on.

As I was making this realization, an idea that’s been a vague thought in the back of my mind for decades began to push to the front. I ran upon a blog post all about making money with a blog.

You may not be able to tell now, but I used to blog a LOT. I had my own domain name and had a decent following for a hobby-blog about nothing in particular. I didn’t do or write anything in particular, kinda like here. I just shared about my life and my thoughts.

I am positive I can’t do a “niche” type of blog, so I’m mulling over whether I’m interesting enough to build a site around that would make even a small amount of money. I need to contribute some to our income so that we’re not struggling each and every month to afford the mostly-basic stuff.

Anyhow, that’s all for the moment. IF you are reading this and have an opinion, please share!!



a new thing…

Not to the exclusion of the old thing, just in addition to it.

Heart to Heart Too blog.

This blog is a collaboration of the ladies in my Emmaus reunion group, a sort-of small- or accountability group of ladies in the area who have been on an Emmaus walk. There are only about 7 of us who semi-regularly attend. We are stretched out over a large geographic area, so it’s not as easy to get together as it would be if we all lived in the same county, but we are hoping through this blog, we can accomplish several things.

We can express what God’s showing and teaching us, hopefully in a way that will also help others. We can discharge some of our creative writing tendencies or exercise those with the hope of growing them further. And we can keep in touch with each other even when we can’t get together.

Go check it out. I happened to get the honor (or maybe it was a punishment? HAHA!) of being the first to publish a post. It’s harder to write when you have some parameters to meet. Unlike when I just get on here and verbally slobber all over you. *pththt*

I can’t wait to see what the other ladies come up with in the future!

Go. Read. Enjoy. And share!

Exodus 34:27“And the Lord said to Moses, “Write these words, for in accordance with these words I have made a covenant with you and with Israel.”

memories & the keeping thereof…

So I’ve been thinking since I retold the stinky little story… I enjoy telling funny stories like that and since most of the ones I tell are true, I might oughta try to “keep” them somewhere.  Y’know, for posterity in case I ever have some grandkids and they ever wanna know what kinda crazy stuff happened to their gramma.

*shrugs*   I dunno, but I’m gonna try to do that occasionally.  I used to have tons of those stories on my blog back when I had my own domain name, and for some reason unbeknownst to me, I never even thought to save a single one of them!


Anyhow, I am creating a new category just for these tales.  Give me time to sort them out in my head and put them together cohesively enough to put up here… that’s the plan, Stan.

Peace out.

I’m a logger…

ROFL!! I’m sorry, y’all…I have been instructed to start logging my moods. As a diabetic, there’s always the jokes about how stinkin’ hard it is to keep a log of blood sugars, food and miscellaneous diabetic crap.

ain't nobody got time fo' dat

So once I started thinking about using my blog to log this stuff, I thought of this song and the repeating theme, “I’m a logger.” I LOVE me some Ray Stevens anyhow, so you just go on ahead and listen to this song. You need to smile anyway, right??


I would say this, but she already said it & way better than me…

I found this post over on ScissorTailSilk and just wept as I read things that had gone through my own mind. Some of them almost word for word.

If you struggle with depression like I do, or if you’ve ever just had a really rough season in your life where you felt overwhelmingly like What IS the point?!? then please take time to go over and read A Response To The Unwritten Letter. Becky does an EXCELLENT job speaking to the very most painful place we hide and sometimes live!

Okay, so I’m not sure if this is really productive… I forget if this template shows time of post or not, but people, it’s almost 5:30a & I’ve been up since about 3a!

Tucker hadda go pee, okay?  And totally abnormal for me, I felt wide awake.  This as opposed to the usual closed-eyed stumbling I usually do when letting Tucker out at night.

So…. while waiting for him, I started cleaning our bathroom. And if you read my last personal post, you can guess it was a big disaster area.  I’ve gotten completely out of the habit of trying to at least wipe things down in there every week.  I’ll clean the toilet every day if it looks dirty, but the vanity can get totally gross and seems like I just can’t make myself clean it up!

But no more… at least not for today.  I wiped everything down with foam cleanser, detailed the faucets, scrubbed the toilet (again) including wiping the tank, behind the seat & the base, scrubbed down most of the tub.. have to get to the higher spots today sometime (please, Lord?)  All I lack (ha!) is the mirrors, the floor and the two shelves.

I am stoked!  😉  BUT… I’ve been sitting here for close to an hour now… searching in vain for a Christmas theme for here.  Where on earth ARE they?  I’ve even been looking for “premium” (read: not free) themes, but all I can find is yucky-lookin’ stuff.


Ah well… I can hear Tommy snoring through the wall, so I may end up on the couch.  I was hoping that the heavy-equipment-like snoring would end once his blood pressure got back down, but… no.  *sheesh*

Hopefully I will have more progress to report later on.

Blessings~ st.A.rted

After dumping my very own domain name along w/my long neglected blog, I’m thinking “Eh, a blog might be a good idea.” w/the idea that I might post about my progress (or digress, whichever the case may be!) with my diabetes and other myriad of health issues.

So…. here.  we.  go!!!