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I’ve been visiting Sage & Savvy again today and found this awesome contest to get a cool planner called “The Busy Body Book”. ¬†It’s an entire-family planner from what I can tell and it comes in such cute designs,

See?  Adorable designs!

See? Adorable designs!

how could I resist?

Go visit them today & enter to win yourself a planner!!

Sage & Savvy



I just entered to win a free Tropical Traditions Skin Care gift bag!!

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Just discovered this blog… I was originally drawn to it because of the AWESOME recipes. ¬†Then, as I went to copy the main link to add here, I found a beautiful devotional post and so I’m thrilled to share with you the blog of both an awesome cook AND a fellow Christian. ¬†Hope you will go visit Bakerlady

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Look!! I LOVE this! An online audio of the King James Version! YAY! Hope you enjoy this as much as I do!

wh.At the WorLd ne.Eds nOw…

I just saw this on Fox News …

Young Men of Honor

My kids were in cub scouts for a couple of years back when my eldest was just 7 or so. Sadly, the leadership was SORELY lacking and the overall experience was not very beneficial for them.  However, the concept and ideals behind Boy Scouts is excellent for building confidence, character & citizenship.


I was just really impressed with this lady and appreciated hearing about this book.  Maybe you will too.