recouping, but slowly…

I am used to being sick. I mean, I do have type 1 diabetes. That is a moment-to-moment adventure of a roller coaster ride way to live. But I do it. I am not bitter about having to do it. God gave this to me for some reason that is meant to glorify Him, so it’s all good. Hear me when I say that I do not believe I am cursed by having this disease.

This isn’t about diabetes, though. I have been dealing with a massive, monstrous sinus infection and asthma flare for over a month now. I’M TIRED of it!! Argh!

After FINALLY getting the doctor to give me a Rocephin shot and a different oral antibiotic, I at last started to get over the horrendous throat and ear pain I’d dealt with for over a week, but it took much longer to get over this mess…and I’m still trying to do that. I have the (apparently) obligatory lingering hacking cough hanging on.

For clarity, I was put on blood pressure medicine at least 10 years ago. Not because I had high blood pressure. Not by “normal people” standards. You see, if you are a diabetic the standard limits and tables for determining an acceptable blood pressure (or cholesterol or ANYthing else) do not apply. No, what would be an acceptable bp level for you will be considered much too high for me. In order to protect my kidneys, when my bp was within “acceptable” levels for you, I was put on the meds. T1D’s are much more susceptible to kidney disease and failure, so protecting them while they’re still healthy is a big deal. However, the bp medicine they put me on, an ACE inhibitor, a very mainstream one, over about a 7-year period caused an awful hacking cough to develop. Ever since then, I’ve had problems with my lungs. *sigh*

I was taken off that medicine and put on a different type of bp med… this happened over and over. A couple of times, because I get tired of trying to keep up with all the different medicines I’ve been on AND because the names of the drugs are changed, after going to a new doctor, I have been put back on an ACE inhibitor…and shortly thereafter, the coughing would resume.

Realize this isn’t your garden-variety coughing I’m talking about. This is hacking til you can’t breathe then you choke and throw up type of coughing. I was sent to an allergist at one point who did a lot of tests and told me (of course) that I was allergic to a ton of things and diagnosed me with asthma.

I’ve said for years that I have asthma, but I don’t really wheeze. I cough my brains &/or lungs out unless I get completely out of breath, THEN the sort-of wheezing starts, but it’s more of a squeal when I try to inhale. Yeah, I do EVERYthing differently. Ha ha…

And so, that’s where I am right now. I have FINALLY gotten well enough to attempt riding my bike again. I have been trying to build up for the past week and a half. I could only do a few miles the first time before I just gave out. The next time, I got in about 9 miles. Then 12, then 14… I had a really bad (stubborn) low blood sugar once and had to wait for Hubby to ride back and come get me in the truck (more on that in another post…it was a really weird experience)

So this past Friday, Hubby and I went out on our own and I was able to get 17 miles in without dying. (ha!) Then on Sunday afternoon, between attending/working as altar counselors both services at church, eating lunch and going back at 6 pm for a meeting, I was able to do 20 miles. Granted, I almost hawked up a lung doing it, but I did it.

It was nice to even FEEL like working hard to get those miles in. Praise God! But now I’m getting concerned about my stinking lungs. I’m now on amlodipine, a ccb drug (calcium channel blocker) that helps widen blood vessels to lower blood pressure. It’s one of the few blood pressure meds that don’t have coughing as a side effect, and if I take it at night, it doesn’t seem to bother me at all, thank God, because now that I’ve had to take these things for so long, I can’t seem to go off them without my blood pressure going up to what is considered high for even “normal” people. Great. 😦

I realized last week that I’d not been taking a medicine for both allergies and asthma. I know, I KNOW!! Shame on me. But it’s hard to keep up with them all. I’d run out just before Hubby and I left for his last century ride in Elizabethtown and in the chaos of packing (we took puppy with) and making sure we knew where we were going, packing all his cycling paraphernalia, gassing the truck, making a hotel reservation, etc.. I just forgot about it by the time we got back. That and my blood pressure medicine are the only ones I take at night and *blush* I don’t take my bp med consistently (don’t judge…I DO keep an eye on my bp, I just don’t take it every night… more like about 3-4 times a week or so) and so, after realizing the cough was just not getting better, it dawned on me that I wasn’t taking the montelukast (Singulair), I went right out and picked it up. But it’s not like a “rescue” inhaler or whatever, it doesn’t work immediately. Hopefully I’ve learned another lesson about sticking with one of my meds (like the Wellbutrin!) and will stay on top of it better now that I’ve proven how much it helps.

Speaking of Wellbutrin, did I report that I am now getting the brand name (not the generic bupropion) FOR FREE??!!! I had to go back and see the ARNP at the place I’d first gone to for talk therapy so I could continue getting the prescription (hassle since I had to drive almost 50 miles to get there, but…) When I walked into the room the first thing she said was she’d just learned about a program for people with commercial insurance policies that would help pay for the brand name! I had told her how way back years ago when I’d first been put on Wellbutrin (before it became a generic) it worked very well for me, then once the generic came out (and of course, I had to use it because of insurance/cost!) I didn’t feel like it worked as well for me. I had been taking the generic ever since she put me back on it a few months ago at a higher dose, but in generic. Every time I picked up the prescription (which still cost me $30 each time!) it would be a different brand. Nice, when it seems that how effective it was had to do with the “other” ingredients used. We had looked into getting the brand, but it was going to cost me over $200 each month and with another 5-7 prescriptions to buy just for me each month, plus insulin pump supplies?? No way. We just couldn’t do that, so I had to stick with generic.

She gave me a number to call and sent in my info. Later that same day the company called me to verify all the info and in about 3 days, I had a bottle of brand name Wellbutrin XL with no out of pocket cost!! Talk about a blessing!! I haven’t noticed a huge difference, but it will be SO nice not to worry that this different brand generic each month is going to cause a problem. (it has in the past) After realizing how much Wellbutrin helps me, even when I don’t feel like it is/was, I won’t try to go off it again. And now, same goes for the Singulair/montelukast. If it keeps me from having this awful coughing stuff, I’ll make sure to stay on it.

And yeah, I’ll just pray God will spare me the side effects. *bleh*

Okay, then, I guess that’s about it. I will leave you with this though…some notes from a recent sermon:::

“The Bible is like an apple tree. You have to shake it (READ!) to get the fruit to fall!”


rain – – bleh!

So, SO much rain. It rained all last week, flooding a couple times, actually and I haven’t gotten to ride at all!

I am feeling so pathetic! I need to ride! Here’s hoping for a chance in the next couple days!

I finally got the yard mowed today. It was in desperate need after going without all last week and then all the rain.

Tonight, instead of going for the group ride I went out to visit with the ladies in my reunion group. We hadn’t gotten together in months and months! It was nice and on Saturday, the one lady is having a fish fry, so there’s that to look forward to.

Wednesday, there’s a big shindig to celebrate our town becoming a TrailTown, which is a big ol’ deal and such a great thing for us! After that, I have an appointment to get a long-overdue haircut.

Thursday is our next planned group ride with some of the older and newer riders and they go at an easy, ride-at-your-own pace that I like. They don’t mind if I stop a million times to check my sugar and stuff which is really nice.

Maybe I can ride with the other group tomorrow night too…they go at a bit faster pace, but I may go anyway. Or maybe Hubby and I can go Wednesday night.

I dunno, but have mercy, I have a busy week ahead and hope, Lord willing, (and I’m sure He is…that’s me, layin’ it off on Him *shame*) I will get some accomplished on this house too.

Blessings to all!

it’s official: I have amazed myself!

So a few weeks ago, I wrote this in a post:

“I still can’t see myself ever getting to the point that I could do a century like Hubby and the rest, but I would like to attempt a half-century, just me and him one Saturday.”

My hubby pulled the above post up and showed it to me a couple nights ago. He said, “Do you remember writing this?”

The reason? I had actually accomplished that half-century ride this past Saturday, June 13! Yep. I actually did it.

I wasn’t so sure I was going to make it back, but amid random bouts of tears, I made it. The ride was actually 54 miles, so once I hit 50 on my computer, it was all I could do to make myself keep pedaling! We even had some impromptu SAG support following us. But I thought, I can’t be the ONLY one who gets driven back to the trailhead!
Me & Hubby
We went with a large group that ended up breaking off into about 3 different groups. We rode from Livingston to McKee and back. It was just as beautiful and nice a trail as I had been told. It was a hot day, but we had shade almost the whole time and hardly any traffic at all.

I’d been told we would eat lunch at a pizza place in McKee, but when we (the slower group) got to town, the group was all at a Walgreens eating packaged food and fueling up outside the store. The other two ladies I was with and Hubby and I decided we’d go on to the pizza place, though, so we rode a quarter-mile on into town.

Boy, you sure forget that not everywhere is like home. We walked into that place, that looked extremely run down, and it smelled like an ashtray. I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to stand it in there the way my lungs react to cigarette smoke. I hacked and coughed most of the time, but Hubby and I ordered an 8″ pizza and it was really yummy.

I was able to eat and not choke to death and then we iced up our bottles, hit the restrooms and headed back for the return.

The time spent in that resturant was enough to get my lungs all messed up and I hacked and coughed and wheezed for about 10 miles. We stopped a few times to let me get a couple more hits off my inhaler or gag and spit, and finally, thank God, the coughing stopped. You can’t imagine how much harder it is to ride a bike while you are struggling to breathe!!

My sugars did pretty good and my pump was suspended (turned off) most of the time. I guess I did at least 10 tests while we were riding!

When the big group first started, Hubby rode on ahead with them. Once me and the group I was with go to about the 15-18 mile mark, Hubby came riding back and rode the rest of the way with me. I’m not sure if he had gotten worried about me or just wanted to ride with me or both, but I was immensely glad he was there for those last few miles. I think I’d have stopped if he hadn’t been.

My wrists were hurting, my saddle was killing me, my toes were going numb and my neck and shoulders were aching. I was downright miserable!

When I rolled into the parking lot where we’d left from, the other two ladies who had riden with me all day were already there, cheering. I got to the back of our pickup, unclipped and leaned over on it and just bawled for a second. Next thing I knew, Hubbs was right beside me, bawling too, hugging me and telling me he loved me.
My first half-century!
I was a mess, lemme tell ya! I have NO CLUE how these people can ride TWICE that far and still talk, let alone walk or eat or breathe!!

I would NOT have made it to the finish without this man right here, cheering me on, believing in me and convincing me to believe in myself.
I have been greatly blessed!!


Okay, it’s official. I have moved up (in my own mind, that is) into true “the BIG TIME”. Maybe that’s not official big time, but I don’t know what else to call THIS old gal doing a bike ride of FORTY-ONE-A/N/D-A-HALF MILES!!! (you’re darn tootin’ that half mile counts! LOL!)
NOTE: I am REALLY not happy that for whatever reason I can’t link my ride map here. ARGH! The sight of that map makes me feel all-kinda-jazzed! 🙂

Seriously, I would have never, EVER believed I could do this if you’d said beforehand we were going to ride this far. The plan was to ride to the next county, stop at a little restaurant there for lunch and ride back, which would have been about 19 miles. A decent ride for me, actually. I have done a few 26 mile rides and can handle that distance fairly well.

Well, we decided to take a different route home, so that added quite a few miles AND hills/elevation to the thing. I was SO amazed that I actually did it! I guess I was a little too tired to get TOO celebratory about it at the time, but MAN, was I proud of myself!!

And so, you know I’m riding this month to help raise money to fight kids’ cancer in The Great Cycle Challenge (click the link to donate!) so my goal is to ride at least 200 miles this month.
The Great Cycle Challenge to end Childhood Cancer!
I already have 79 in for last week. I decided I’d plan to ride at least 50 miles per week. It’s a good thing I got the extra in since it’s pouring the rain today. *sigh*

I really wasn’t planning on doing that many, but on Saturday, our eldest son decided he wanted to ride over to where he’s youth pastor (they were doing a blood drive that day and he was going to donate and check on some things at the church). That’s about an 18 mile trip one way and so we had DIL#1 drive our truck over so we could haul the bikes back. We all had a graduation party to go to later as well so we didn’t have the time to do a round trip. Plus, Son#1 was planning to donate blood so we knew at least he would not be able to ride back.

Turned out he couldn’t donate because his pulse was too high. Hubby was going to donate but hadn’t brought any i.d. with him. So it turned out to just be a nice opportunity to get a ride in with Son#1, which I’d been wanting to do since he hadn’t ridden with us since I got my new bike.

It was a good trip & we made good time too. I think Son#1 was a little impressed with how much I had improved. Hubby and I marvel at how he can go months without riding (he seldom has the free time for it) and then go out and do some fairly long rides. Hubby says it’s because he’s young.

I guess, but I don’t think I could have done it at his age. Haha!

So yeah, I rode 79 miles last week for the challenge, but if you include the ride linked above, from May 30 to June 6, I rode a little over 120 miles!!

I’m sorry and if there happens to be some rouge cycling beast reading here, just let me have my moment… but I am daggone proud of myself!

Ha. I know part of the reason I can do more is because this bike is so much better than my old one, but it fits/shifts/rides so much better, I just WANT to ride more now!

I still can’t see myself ever getting to the point that I could do a century like Hubby and the rest, but I would like to attempt a half-century, just me and him one Saturday. It’s amazing how empowering it is to realize you can do something so crazy and so hard!

I have to admit, I’ve been fighting low blood sugars randomly since last Saturday, but they are not super-severe and not very frequent, so I think I’m doing well.

I DID have that crazy low the other day when I had ridden hard & fast for probably 6 miles, then for some reason, insisted we stop to check my sugar and it was 52. ACK! Yeah, and I didn’t even feel it. I had just come down a hill doing almost 35mph. I was pretty shaken to realize that I couldn’t even feel that I was going low. I treated the low, suspended my pump (so it wouldn’t deliver any insulin), checked a second time (it was up to 87) and we set off again. I stopped again to check a couple miles later and it was hovering just over 100.

All those readings I was very proud of, but I can’t help getting angry and frustrated about the fact that I have a CGM-capable pump, but my insurance will not cover the sensors (which need to be changed every week and are approximately $100 each, so at least $400/month). I mean, if I had sensors, the CGM (which I purchased) would alert me when my sugar dropped too fast, got under 60 and if it happened to reach 60, it would suspend my pump for me. That’s a great feature for lows that happen in your sleep (which I’ve had two of since riding so much more) and you don’t wake up. For two hours, you stop getting insulin so you don’t die in your sleep.

As it is, I have to stop, pull out the small glucose monitor, the bottle of strips and my lancet device. Then I have to have Hubby hold it or lay my bike down so I can balance everything or put part of it on the ground too. Poke for the blood, wait for the result and the put everything back up.

That’s NOT a big deal normally, but when you are on the road? It’s a major pain to deal with. We usually ride on rural backroads, so we don’t have to worry too much about a lot of traffic. Most times, on an 18-mile round trip, we may see as few as 2 vehicles or as many as 12. Most often, it’s no more than 4 though, but if we had to also contend with traffic while trying to test? UGH!

I can’t understand how insurance can deny coverage of those sensors if an endocrinologist recommends them. I think it sucks big time. And I hope and pray that Hubby’s company will change to a new insurance provider SOON because Humana has been a real disappointment to deal with. I KNOW there are companies who are covering sensors. I sure wish it was mandatory across the board.

Ah well… no use complaining, but I wanted you to know what I have to do to control/monitor my sugars while I’m riding versus what COULD be a much simpler, easier and safer solution if we could afford sensors one way or another.

Habakkuk 3:19 – “God, the LORD, is my strength;…”

that’s TWO hundred!

Horsey Hundred 2015

Well, he did it.  Hubby got his second century ride in the books.

This was a whole ‘nother experience, having to go to another town where he’d never ridden before, had not practiced on any of the route at all, et cetera.  You don’t realize how much comfort there is in being familiar with the road and the terrain!  Hmph…that’s a whole other post-slash-sermon right there, though, isn’t it??  Ha!

But yes, we left the pup with Mom for the night and drove about 2 hours away for this ride.  It was beautiful country and I even survived with my trusty GPS getting to the places I needed to be all on my own.  God sure has been stretching me in the area of traveling by myself in unfamiliar territory.  I can’t lie…that scares me thinking of what He might be preparing me for, ya know?

Anyway, I’m really proud of the hubby… he is such a go-gitter and is already counting down the twenty-some days til the next 100-miler in Frankfort.  (yes, I know, this last ride went through Frankfort, but the next one starts there & goes…I don’t even know where all it goes!)

I spent most of Ride Day at the 93 mile rest stop.  It was hot and boring.  I have to plan better next time.  It was hard not knowing exactly where the stops were.  All I had to go on were road names listed in the cue sheet.  That’s a turn-by-turn ‘map’ of sorts the cyclists can use.  It just lists road names, though…so all I’d know was that a particular rest stop was on “this” road, not exactly WHERE on the road it was.  That was unnerving to me, but I made it to both the stops I went to without any incident.

The worst thing was thinking “I’ll grab a bite somewhere on the way” then finding there really wasn’t any where nearby to get food!!  I literally went from 6 a.m. til after 6 p.m. without anything to eat or drink!  Well, wait… I did eat a small bag of chips that one of Hubby’s rider friends had gotten then didn’t want and half of a Payday candy bar that Hubby couldn’t eat.  Yes, I was at rest stops with tons of food, but I wasn’t about to even think of eating any of the food that was for the cyclists, even though the thought of asking to have some water did cross my mind several times.  I just toughed it out.  I honestly thought for sure I would pass a fast food place on the way to that second rest stop, but I didn’t, and then I thought I’d run back out to pick up something real quick before time for Hubby to be there, but there were routes coming in both directions into the stop and it was way out in the country, so it would have taken a lot longer to drive out and back.  And then I’d have to drive through cyclists too, which isn’t fun for them or me.  Sigh.  Next time I am packing a cooler for myself!  And a chair and an air mattress maybe.  Ha!

There was a terrible tragedy that happened during the ride that has left me shaken, though.  A drunk driver hit and killed one of the cyclists.  I had no clue, but when they made the announcement at the closing ceremony, Hubby informed me that he’d ridden past it shortly after it happened.  He wasn’t sure at the time if there’d been a fatality or even that it did involve a bike rider, but my core was shaken at that news.

Of course, we never know which breath will be our last, but I had not even entertained the thought that this hobby could get my Hubby, or even me, killed!  I have fought with the fear and the thoughts of wanting him to NOT do the next rides.  I have tried to rationalize the fact that just getting out of bed in the morning can be potentially deadly.  Shoot, LAYING in the bed can be deadly, ya know?  Any of us could die just as easily no matter where we are.

That’s when it dawned on me that it doesn’t matter what we do or don’t do.  When God says it’s our time, we are going, no matter what we do to try and “stay safe”.  I guess, just that sudden, crushing realization that it could have just as easily been Hubby who had been killed shook me.  I suddenly wanted him to NOT ride, to not do anything dangerous, to be safe.  But who of us can ever be truly safe and from what are we being “safe” anyway?  If we live in fear of dying,  we won’t truly live.  We will become obsessed with preserving our lives while frittering away all the excitement, joy and fun there is in living.  We will miss opportunities to spend time with those we love, enjoying life with them.  Simply put, we will miss out.  On life, on love, on fun…on everything!

My mother is one of the biggest worry warts I know.  I try to cut her some slack because God knows with both her children having chronic diseases, that kinda dictates that she be a worrier, right?  But she can really take it to the extreme.  She doesn’t know about the accident  and hopefully she won’t til at least after the next ride Hubby does.  If she finds out, she will fret about it and nag me to death that I should make him NOT ride.  Yes, she’ll insist that I MAKE him not do the next ride.  That’s just mom.  We’ve all learned to deal with her neuroses the best we can and sometimes that means keeping certain info from her.  I haven’t posted about the accident on Facebook or anywhere or mentioned it to anyone except the kids.  Neither of my parents have Facebook, but they have friends who do, so I don’t want any of that stuff getting back to them if I can help it!

Anyway, all that to say, I could feel my Mom’s panic rising in me and I could step to the other side of it, and feel the futility of it as well.  I don’t want to feel like she does.  I don’t want to worry away my life.  I don’t want to give my appreciation of life away to fear.

Isaiah 41:10 (ESV)

10 fear not, for I am with you;
    be not dismayed, for I am your God;
I will strengthen you, I will help you,
    I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

he did it!!


This is one proud wife right here. My sweet, determined, strong & compassionate husband completed his first century (that’s a ONE HUNDRED MILE bike ride) today.

Yep, same hubby that was on crutches about two-and-a-half weeks ago for a torn/bruised groin muscle.



Cycling. I really do like it. I probably don’t love it like many people. I sometimes have to make myself ‘just do it’… I have to overcome the mind games that make me hesitate when I’m scared because of the pain from falling or whatever. When I am tired or sore, when I don’t wanna deal with the sweat and aching muscles.

Right now, I am just proud that I can make myself get on the trainer at least a few times a week. I mean, that’s a huge step forward for me. I want to get healthier and smaller. I want to get stronger and more focused.

I’m not a “pusher” though. I am not big on doing ‘the hard thing’. I’m the first one to quit when it gets hard or difficult or ugly. Well, at least physically. Although I guess there are things about me, parts of me that are always doing the hard things. I mean, living life with a chronic disease, one that never gives you a day off, never a moment to forget about it… that’s a hard thing if ever there was one. So … I dunno… maybe I’m a little stronger than I give myself credit for, but I could definitely be stronger than I am.

I am almost a total opposite of my crazy hubby, though. He never backs down from something he wants to accomplish. Like cycling. He has been committed to doing this century challenge this year. After his wreck, the crutches and all, he was still saying he’d give it a try. Then, he’d move wrong and get that muscle aching really bad and say that he couldn’t.

With this trip coming up this weekend, his work conference in Nashville, we have a LOT to get done before Sunday when we plan to leave right from church. Last weekend was planned to be the first leg of the century challenge with our local Redbud Ride, but he wasn’t at all ready to attempt that. About a week before this, we learned that they were making changes so that if you volunteered to work the ride, then you would be permitted to do your century ride either the weekend before or after the Redbud and still have it count toward the challenge.

He was so excited about that and started making plans to do that. We DID have a fun day working at one of the rest stops and driving SAG
Volunteers for Redbud Ride 2015
And earlier this week is when he’d told some other riders that he didn’t think he was going to try doing a century this weekend.

Then he rode about 20 miles. And didn’t feel all that bad. He told me the muscle that was injured and has been giving him so much pain felt better. So now he wants to attempt to do this 100-mile bicycle ride. Tomorrow. The day before we leave for him to attend a 3-day conference for work.

*sigh* I’m just not sure about the wisdom of this, especially when he’s not been training for that long a ride at all. Not one bit! He says he’ll just start it and see how much of it he can do. He had said before that even if he had to walk the worst hills in the ride that he’d rather do that so he could still have this first century done with.

This wouldn’t be such a big deal except that if he does this ride, it will mean I must be his “SAG Wagon”…I’ll have to follow him in the truck all day. And understand, a ride this long will take at least 7 hours for a very fit athlete. I’m thinking, even if he didn’t have to walk any hills it will take him around 9 hours to finish.

Now, I’ve never driven SAG before for more than 10 miles for him. That is enough to know it’s not fun. The very most you can run is about 20 mph, and that’s only in certain areas, ya know? So it’s a long, slow exercise in patience. And we’ve already established that I am NOT a patient person.

Yes, I’m also worried that at the very least, he’s going to feel miserable for an almost-4-hour drive to Nashville the very next day, not to mention that this will kill an entire day I was counting on to get things ready and packed. I worry that he’ll injure or re-injure himself in the process. And I’ll have to do something with Max for that whole time. I can’t imagine dealing with him in the truck for the entire ride, but that may be what I’ll have to do. Maybe I could put him in Sam’s pen for the day, but boy, is he going to be a mess once we get home. Probably physically as well as ‘mentally’… he’s pretty hyper if he’s been confined for any length of time and I hate dealing with him when he’s like that.

I know. I sound pathetically unsympathetic, don’t I? And perhaps I am to some extent, but I HATE feeling this pressure and he sees as me not supporting him. I DO support him, but dangit if this thing isn’t becoming more and more trouble. If he had ridden the century during the Redbud, there would have been a ton of SAG support provided. This way, I will have to do it AND there won’t be the public awareness to be cautious of cyclists either, which adds to the danger factor.

Yes, yes… *sigh* I know there’s not much “awareness” of riders when we just head out for a spontaneous (or even a planned) ride, there’s no news crews out covering it or any giant crowds to let anyone know there’s a special event going on. But sheesh… this is A HUNDRED MILES!?!

Maybe it’s just the sheer monumental-ness of the task that is bothering me. If Hubby does this, he will be on Cloud 9. He’ll be so pleased with and proud of himself, as well he should be! And *I* will be proud of him too, if I survive, that is. Ha.

I know, I KNOW!! I’m so selfish. Fear of the unknown is gripping me. The pressure to be ready in time, of losing a whole day to prepare. The worry that he will make the injury worse or be hurting the whole time we’re gone, when he’s supposed to be concentrating on what’s going on.


Fine. Maybe I’m being selfish, but I DO support him in this. I admire how determined he is. I drove SAG for him back to our house a few days ago and just kind of sat in awe of how he pushes himself beyond what’s comfortable and maybe even safe sometimes. (which is the case here…the ER doctor told him he didn’t think he would be ready to do a century for this ride)

I just found out a lady who sort of heads up our cycling club is planning to drive SAG for the riders (there are several) who are going to do the century tomorrow so maybe he has changed his mind about thinking I’m unsupportive. And she had said she would do this a couple weeks ago so I’m not quite sure why he is insisting on me doing it for him. *SIGH*

Shutting up now. I have stuff to do! LOL!

No matter what he thinks of my support or lack of it, I will be cheering louder than anyone when he does this, no matter how much of it he completes.

Post-Redbud Ride ride 2015

1 Corinthians 9:26-27“So I do not run aimlessly; I do not box as one beating the air. But I discipline my body and keep it under control, lest after preaching to others I myself should be disqualified.”

spoke too soon…

Ugh.  I just got back from my regular doctor’s office.  I checked my blood pressure this morning and it was 197/101.

Yeah, NOT optimal for health.  Gah.  I was supposed to be at my therapist’s office at 2 pm, but I called to cancel after the doctor’s office told me to get in there by 11:30 am.  I felt bad about that because I canceled last time and I probably really needed to see her this week, but ANYhow…

By the time they got me in and took vitals, my BP was down to 168/79, but still too high.  I talked a long time to the doctor with her trying to understand the history of how I came to have this cough, of how I’d been taken off the ACE-inhibitor completely for about 2 weeks, then put on Amlodipine by my endo and then proceeded to have that dry, slight, hacking, persistent cough like I had before, so I went off it about a week and a half ago and now, here I am with high BP despite having done 8 miles on the trainer for the past four days.

She asked a lot of questions.  Oh, Hubby was there, too…he insisted on driving me after I told him how high it was, so she began to look up the side effects of Amlodipine and tell me that cough isn’t one of them.  Of course, I knew that already, but I also knew that it can cause wheezing and chest tightness, so I assumed that would cause the coughing to return.  That’s why I went off the med in the first place.

She came to the conclusion that I had not been off the ACE med long enough before starting the Amlodipine and I was having a lot of allergy symptoms.  She asked if I was taking my Allegra and Singulair every day, and I do, religiously!  Then she asked about the Flonase, which I tend to forget often.  After I use the neti pot, I have to wait awhile for the “running” to stop, and I’ll forget to use the Flonase.  She stressed that it was really important for me to use that stuff daily, so I gotta do better about that.  She also wants me to start taking a steroid inhaler and to use my albuterol inhaler before I get on the bike.  She thinks the cough is caused by all the irritation I have from the drainage and allergies.

I’m thankful that I didn’t have to go to the hospital because when I saw how high it was at home, I felt sure that’s where I was headed.  The doctor was impressed that I’d lost about 9 pounds since the last time I’d seen her about 3 weeks ago.  I told her that I’d really been trying and she told me to keep it up, that the weight loss would directly affect my blood pressure in a good way.  So…*sigh* I have to get back to the bike.

I have discovered why I have such a love/hate relationship with the bike and trainer…or any kind of hard exercise.  It’s the sweating.  Not that I just hate to sweat, which I do, but most of the time, sweating like that comes when I am having a low blood sugar and totally out of control.  I think that’s why I just really hate getting on the bike.  Once I’m on and I can see how I’m doing with the computer, I can get past it, but that first layer of sweat just makes me feel SO awful.  I seriously think it’s because of 40 some years of that sweatiness being a signal that I’m getting low.

That’s good to know, but knowing doesn’t make it go away.  Ha.  If only…

Hebrews 12:1 – “…and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us:…”

go me!

I am SO pumped, y’all! The past two days, I’ve put my sorry butt on the trainer and pounded out 8 miles each day on my bike. When I did it yesterday, I checked my blood pressure about an hour later and it was better than it’s been EVER while off my BP meds!!

PRAISE GOD!! I am SO thrilled that perhaps there IS a way to avoid those nasty, cough-inducing, make-me-choke medicines and still keep my blood pressure good! Honestly, if you haven’t read the last few posts, you don’t know how much this has worried me. The higher blood pressure was affecting my eyes, is bad for my kidneys… just really bad for me all around. Every time they put me on a new BP med, I would start with the coughing and wheezing again and every time I went off the meds, my BP would shoot up above the recommended 140/90. Yesterday, it was 156/85 and today it is 149/92. I know, I know… still a bit above what the doctor wants, but WAY better than it had been running!

I’m so tickled I could jump for joy! Only, I won’t because I’m kinda tired after my trainer session. Ha ha!

In other related news, we sent for a return number to send my bike computer to be repaired. Remember? Hubby got me one off eBay that has a cracked screen, but the computer works. Turns out, it’s still in warranty, but the warranty doesn’t cover the screen damage. That just tells us that the computer is fairly new and as I’d said, the repair will be about $90. For a computer like this, with GPS, speed/distance/cadence/grade/a-buncha-other-stuff capabilities, you can analyze the crap outta your rides and we also just ordered me a heart rate monitor that displays on the computer in real time, so you can stay in your “zone” the whole time (IF you can, that is! Ha ha!) So even including the price paid for the broken unit, we still end up with a great price for this computer. And I know it might sound like a frivolous extra, but it really helps you keep riding, keep pushing, when you can see how you’re doing, how far you’ve gone, what your cadence is and all that. It’s very motivating.

I’m so hopeful that with this proof that riding will help my blood pressure, I’ll be more apt to keep it up and in the process lose some weight and end up a healthier, happier gal. I’m secretly setting a goal to be in much better shape before I turn 50. I haven’t set any concrete goals, but generally, I’d love to lose a ton more weight, like at least 50 pounds. I would be thrilled beyond my wildest dreams if I could get that much weight off.

But in my mind, that sounds impossible. But I’m looking for and clinging to hope. I am praying for the determination and dedication to stick with this. To learn, in the process, how to set and stick to goals and carry out good, healthy plans.

Maybe get a little more disciplined in the process?? That one is a stretch for this completely undisciplined gal, but here’s hoping.

Hebrews 11:1“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.”


So Hubby took a bike ride this (Sunday) afternoon.  He went with his troupe of 100-Milers….

…and hit a dog….

….and crashed.


He, as he puts it, “t-boned an Australian shepherd” and went flipping over the handlebars.
 He had taken off ahead of the other three just to help avoid a cramp he felt coming on, so he was in front of them all when it happened.  The only person to see the melee was a driver who was coming toward Hubbs when it happened.  It must have looked so awful, the guy stopped to check and see if Hubby was okay.

He ended up riding another 4 or so miles back to the truck, even though his friends offered to go get the truck for him.  He thinks he was probably slightly in shock, which is most likely, and his theory was that if he could ride back, it would keep him from getting so sore and stiff.  *rolling my eyes*

He drove himself home and hobbled into the house…he hadn’t called to let me in on it and so I was clueless.  We had arrived home from church to find a strange car in our driveway.  Turned out it was one of the boys we sort of “adopted” from our former church…he is newly married to a sweet little girl who is expecting their baby now.  (yes, the baby was on the way at the wedding, which my eldest son performed on Son’s front porch swing… that sounds like a whole ‘nother post, doesn’t it?)  Anyhow, these kids, apparently they had called Son2 wanting to get together with them, but they weren’t home, so they came to our house.

*shrugs*  I dunno why exactly.  LOL… the kids like us, I guess.  Or at least settle for us when our boys aren’t available?  Anyhow, they had stayed at the house the entire time Tommy was gone riding.  Son & DIL 2 had finally come home and just came to our house too, so we all sat around in my messy kitchen talking and hanging out.  I was so tired AND I had been planning to ride on the trainer, but that didn’t happen.  And that’s okay, it was just one of those afternoons when nothing goes as planned.

Even more so for Hubby, obviously!  The kids had all gone for ice cream, inviting me, but I had decided (since I can’t eat any dairy these days) to stay home so I’d be there when Hubby got back.

It’s a good thing!!  He wanted to immediately get in a hot bath, so I fixed that up for him.  He had some cuts/gouges on his fingers, his right elbow was scuffed up and his right hip looked really nasty with a big area of road rash and what appeared to be some bruising already darkening.

He sat in the bath for a good long time.  I texted my younger kids to tell them what had happened.  Son2 called to see if his dad wanted something from Dairy Queen and soon they were back at the house, with the younger couple in tow.  So once again, we were all in the kitchen discussing the wreck.

Son2 was a little surprised to see his dad wincing and limping.  He didn’t think he’d been hurt that bad, I guess and knew that if he was letting it show that much, it must be pretty bad.

So after the kids all left, Hubby hobbled into the living room and I got him settled in the recliner for about another hour.  When he tried to move to get up and go to the bathroom, he became worried that we might ought to go to the hospital and see exactly what damage had been done.

He was having really sharp pains deep in his groin, not so much on his hip where most of the trauma appeared to have happened.

We barely got him into the truck.  We being he and myself!  But I got him to the ER and a guy came out and helped me load him into a wheelchair.  After an x-ray and a CT scan, (in the period of about 4 hours) we were assured that there weren’t any breaks or fractures (that was the first suspicion of the doctor) but there was some deep muscle bruising and bleeding, which is why he was hurting so bad.

They gave him a bit of morphine to help with pain, since they were moving him so much to do the scans.  He wasn’t in a huge amount of pain until he moved.

So we finally got home after 2 am with instructions to not put any weight on that leg until the pain diminished, so that means crutches and the estimation is that he’ll need to be on them for about four weeks.

He has a prescription for some pain meds and took one from the hospital for the night.

Hopefully we can get some rest and tomorrow won’t be a lot more painful for him.

Ezekiel 27:34 – “Now you are wrecked by the seas, in the depths of the waters; your merchandise and all your crew in your midst have sunk with you.”