So, I’m kinda having a spa day today… See?


Don’t get too excited. This doesn’t happen on any sort of schedule. Just when the mood hits me. Ha. And I’m just using some of my MK stock that I ended up with after I quit being a “Mary Kay girl”. Ha ha!

I really like to use natural stuff when I can…or rather, when I “take a notion”. (who has heard their granny or mom say that?)

I have used things like oatmeal and egg whites masks. What kinds of natural recipes have you used for skin care? I wanna know!


Anot.Her neW tH.anG

So, I decided to become a Mary Kay Consultant.  I don’t know how this is going to go.  I’m excited, but also scared. My reasons for doing this?


I love MK products!  I want to be able to buy them for half price.  I’d also not be disappointed to earn a little extra money.  And actually, I’m doing it to help with my depression.  I need to get outside myself.  Most of the ladies in this MK unit are Christians, many are from my church, so getting together with them is helpful.  It’s inspiring.  God has sent me some confirmations that this is “okay”, for me to go ahead with so.

So…. here I go!!