soon and very soon…

I’ll be launching my new website!! Sorry if you thought I had busted out with a gospel hymn…

I’m just EXCITED!!


And scared!

As you might recall, I want to make this new place “work”, “earn its keep”… at least generate a little income.

It better because it’s gonna cost a bit to get this started right. πŸ™‚

So what will the new place consist of? Pretty much the same thing it does now, only Lord willing, more cohesive and more of it!

I’ll be posting about my experiences in homeschooling,


my various and sundry medical issues (type 1 diabetes, thyroid disease, migraines, old age (LOL!))


I’ll also post about my faith


and I HOPE there will be lots of people who will come alongside and discuss things! I miss that the most, I think.


The blog I had years ago that was so active had several regular readers and they were not only readers, but COMMENTERS!! We had lots of great discussions about all kinds of topics, so that’s what I’m looking forward to most.

I hope that I might be able to do some reviews and possibly some freelance writing too. That pesky book I’ve been thinking about for years and finally sorta-kinda started…

writing the first chapter

….well, maybe I’ll be able to flesh it out to the end here, who knows?!

Anyhow… stay tuned and if you think of it, pray with me that this will be a success! THANKS!




a whole new thang

Well, so much for the big blogging experiment. Apparently, the bloggy gene has diluted some over time. I just don’t quite have it in me anymore somehow.
However, I’m going to start a new era in my life. You know that infomercial about the extreme workout, P90X? Well, the hubby has gotten on the band wagon.
He ran into a friend of ours from high school through his work. He’s on his second round of P90X now and he just kept singing its praises. Seems he was in as bad a shape (his words, lol!) as Tommy before he started P90X and now? Sheesh! The guy is just ripped! He’s probably slimmer than he was in high school and he’s got muscles all over the place. It’s amazing!
So, he gave us his P90X to look over & we are convinced.
We’re gonna give it a whirl. Yes, even me. And no, I’d have NEVER thought about even attempting something like this if not for Tommy and Casey doing it too. (Yep, our son is going to do it too!)
So, in a few days we begin. The 27th will be Day One when we start with the X Stretch routine.
Pray, people. Pray!! πŸ™‚